Micki Woods’ professional journey began over 15 years ago when she dove into the auto body industry and purchased Casa de Cadillac Body Shop. Being in the 1% of female auto body shop owners provided many challenges but also many learning experiences. She was honored to have veterans in the industry take her under their wing while the rest of the industry shook their heads when she chose to use atypical methods to revamp and grow her business’ gross profit to levels it had never seen.

Micki attended as many conferences, symposiums and webinars as she could to learn what marketing and business development techniques were being used and which were working EFFECTIVELY. As she put those practices into place time and time again her intuitive nature along with her business acumen came together to be able to grow businesses to heights they had only imagined before.

Since that time Micki has not only partnered with businesses of all kinds and assisted them in reaching their goals but has been speaking, teaching and emcee’ing events across the country. Micki is known for her relationship marketing techniques and acquiring new partnerships that aid her clients.

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We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

This is not a “one size fits all” mentality.

Every development strategy is tailored just for you.

Your Vision

Working together, a plan of action will be created to help your vision come to life!

What is your vision?

Micki will help you clarify your vision and what resonates within you.

Your Business

Micki will aid you in uncovering the true stumbling blocks for your specific industry and business.

What does your industry and your business struggle with?

Each industry’s struggles will be identified and a specific execution strategy will be created to mitigate them.

Your Goals

Specific goals will be outlined and a plan will be tailored to hit them!

Hit and Surpass Your Goals

You can’t score a point if you don’t know where the goal is. Let’s create a specific set of goals so we can move toward and then surpass them.


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Public Speaking

Marketing & Branding

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