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Podcast: Top 10 Website Mistakes for Body Shops (Part 1)

Jason Stahl and Micki Woods discuss the top 10 mistakes body shops make on their websites and ways to improve them. This is part one of a two part episode.


Podcast: Top 10 Website Mistakes for Body Shops (Part 2)

Jason Stahl and Micki Woods discuss the remaining mistakes body shops make on their websites and give tips on ways to improve them. This is part two of a two part episode.

Tips and Tricks: Google and Yelp Reviews

Podcast: Tips & Tricks: Google & Yelp Reviews

Jason Stahl and Micki Woods discuss the importance of reviews for body shops and how shops can manage and optimize their reviews to influence more customers.

OE Certification

OE Certifications – Are You Ready?

No matter how many certifications you have in your shop there are some things you simply can NOT forget! Read the BodyShop Business Cover Story of February 2020’s edition titled “OE Certifications: Are You Ready?” written by yours truly – Micki Woods and find out how this is the time for opportunity in your shop!

Surviving in a Consolidating Marketplace

How to Thrive in a Consolidating Marketplace…

If you’re an “independent” in the body shop world, you have some great opportunities right now, so I expect you to get on it and rock it out! The cover story of BodyShop Business March 2019 features my article that helps you dial in some components of your business that you can work on to outshine those “heavy hitters”.

How to Marketing Your OE Certifications

Webinar with Collision Hub: Marketing Your OE Certifications

In this webinar, Micki partners with Kristen Felder at Collision Hub and we talk about some ways you can start marketing and educating your guests and your partners to begin seeing some of that money flow back into your collision repair facility after that large certification investment.

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In the last 15 years I have worked with plenty of marketing specialists and, quite frankly, not one of them knew what they were doing. Then we met Micki. I was completely skeptical but decided to work with her. I can’t tell you how happy I have been with all of Micki’s work. She’s spot on with her marketing ideas and always delivers. I really like that she’s always available to bounce ideas around and once decisions are made she’s off and running. Without any hesitation I recommend Micki! She’s the real deal and delivers real results!

Micki and I have been working together for close to ten years now in the Auto Collision industry. She handled all my marketing and social media along with print media, billboards and radio.  As a 10 million a year operation it was imperative that I had someone trust-worthy with her time as most of her work did not require her to be a our location. Currently, I am co-owner of a smaller facility and I immediately asked if she would come on board to do the same. Very happy with results and how she professionally represents our business. I would highly recommend her services.