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Holistic Psychotherapy Center


The owners of The Center for Integrative Psychotherapy reached out to Micki because they were interested in revamping the look and feel of their company. First Micki helped them come up with a new name that a consumer could easily relate to which would gain more attraction online. (After Micki made sure that it was [...]

Dragon Wind Tours


How many people have the opportunity to work with a storm chasing company? Cool, right?!?! The owner of Dragon Wind Tours needed a logo and had a general idea of what he wanted it to look like...a dragon with a tornado around it or emerging from it. After choosing the specific styling of the dragon [...]

911 Hazmat Cleanup


How do you make hazardous materials cleanup look professional and appealing without being grotesque or swinging too far the other way and being boring/non-catchy like so many others? We give you 911 Hazmat Cleanup's logo and branding. The client had a rendering of someone in a gas mask that he wanted to mimic but gave [...]

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