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Micki has been helping businesses succeed and excel for over 20 years. She loves her family, her work and her life and always strives to be grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed on her. Micki feels that being kind, laughing, staying honest and working hard provide the perfect recipe for success.

OE Certification – Is Your Shop Ready?

By |2020-05-05T11:36:57-07:00February 1st, 2020|Auto Body Shop Tips, Business, Management|

What Should Your Shop be Doing to Make Sure You Are Ready for Certifications and to Make Sure You Are Maximizing Increased Work Flow? https://youtu.be/U5rHNhrpQWg   First of all - do you really need to be certified to get work at this moment in time? I find that many shops are so consumed with achieving the certified status that they are forgetting to maximize things [...]

Is the Customer King in Your Body Shop?

By |2020-05-05T11:34:30-07:00November 7th, 2019|Auto Body Shop Tips, Business, Management|

"The Customer is King" we All Say - But Are They? In the day-to-day “busy-ness” of our jobs in the shop, we often forget who our true master is – especially because we serve many. I know if the customer is king in my client's body shops not by what they tell me but what I see in their actions. How do you know if [...]

OEM Certification: I’m Certified! Now What?

By |2020-05-05T11:33:24-07:00October 1st, 2019|Auto Body Shop Tips, Business, Management|

As a body shop owner you've made a massive investment in certifications but how do you get a return? So much time, effort and money goes in to OEM certifications. You are thrilled to have achieved that certification but then don't know how to make the most of it. In BodyShop Business Magazine's October 2019 cover story, we talk about ways to market your OE [...]

CX – What Owners Can Learn from My Bad Day at the Bridal Shop

By |2020-05-05T11:32:53-07:00September 5th, 2019|Auto Body Shop Tips, Business, Management|

An experience outside of the auto body shop perfectly depicts the importance of quality customer experience (CX). The people that come in to our auto body repair facilities are typically not excited to be there which is part of what makes our jobs a difficult one. Then, when things go wrong on your end - how are you making sure your guest/customer is being treated [...]

Former Shop Owner Helps Body Shops to Win with Smart Marketing

By |2019-07-17T13:43:25-07:00July 15th, 2019|Auto Body Shop Tips, Business|

In May 2019 I got an unexpected call from Ed Attanasio of AutoBody News. He wanted to interview me! Little old me! He asked about me and my background and then asked how I felt about different marketing items. I was glad to "spill the tea". Soon after my interview with Ed, he sent me the link to "Former Shop Owner Helps Body Shops to [...]

A Fresh Look at Lean Manufacturing

By |2019-07-17T13:40:11-07:00June 15th, 2019|Auto Body Shop Tips, Business|

Where are Shops in their Never-Ending Journey to Lean Manufacturing? You've heard the word "lean" a million times and may even think you've achieved the status of a "lean" shop. But, can you ever attain a fully lean shop or is this some mythical pinnacle of success? Chances are, if you think you are already a "lean" shop you still have work to do. [...]

Competing Against the Big Boys

By |2019-07-17T13:42:22-07:00March 20th, 2019|Auto Body Shop Tips, Business, Management|

How to Thrive in a Consolidating Marketplace... How can you, an independent, survive and even grow during a time where it seems like the “big boys” are increasing their market share? If you’re an “independent” in the body shop world, you have some great opportunities right now, so I expect you to get on it and rock it out! The cover story of BodyShop Business [...]

The Power of Marketing

By |2019-07-15T20:03:58-07:00November 26th, 2018|Auto Body Shop Tips, Business, Management|

Why You Need It and How to Do It... With more ways to get your message out there than ever before, it's time for your shop to harness the power of marketing! So many business owners and managers don't know where to begin with marketing their business. In the article I wrote for the Cover Story of BodyShop Business' November 2018 Issue "The Power of [...]

Finding Good Employees

By |2019-07-15T20:05:06-07:00October 29th, 2018|Auto Body Shop Tips, Business, Management|

I've written articles for BodyShop Business but this is one article I wrote for them that applies not only for the auto body industry but for all industries. Finding good, quality employees that will stick around is extremely difficult! Then, many employers run into the frustration of millennials and how to deal with their expectations and work habits. I invite you to read "Finding [...]

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