An experience outside of the auto body shop perfectly depicts the importance of quality customer experience (CX).

The people that come in to our auto body repair facilities are typically not excited to be there which is part of what makes our jobs a difficult one. Then, when things go wrong on your end – how are you making sure your guest/customer is being treated properly and given a tremendous experience?

As I was preparing for my wedding I had such a terrible experience with my bridal shop I couldn’t help but think about my client’s shop operations. If this situation had occurred (which it does in its own way) in a body shop – how should your shop be dealing with hiccups and making sure to own your mistakes, have compassion, be an educator that has knowledge with confidence and also be a shop and a team member with integrity?

This article in the September 2019 issue of BodyShop Business magazine is a must read as more and more customers rely on their experience to determine which businesses will grow in the future or quietly die off.
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